EklGames is an independent game company, with a growing line of iPhone, iPod Touch and Windows games. Additional games are forthcoming in May, 2009. Games for Linux and Mac platforms are under development.


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iPhone / iPod Touch Games








About Align5

Align5 is a fun, simple strategy game which pits the player against an iPhone / iPod Touch.  The objective is to get five adjacent pips in a row, column or on a diagonal.

Each move consists of choosing an available (gray) pip on the game board, then choosing an arrow to perform a translation on any quadrant of the game board.  The translation is not restricted to the same quadrant as the chosen pip.

Align5 is a must-have game for your iPhone or iPod Touch!


See more about Align5 or go to the iPhone App Store to buy.







Windows Games







About Truf

Truf is a popular Indonesian trick-taking game with bidding. It has several characteristics that may seem unusual to Western card players - for example:

  • You bid by showing a card from your hand to represent your proposed trump suit and the number of tricks you want to take.

  • When a trump is played to a trick, it is played face down, and exposed only after all have played to the trick.


Truf is a must-have game! Download it now.









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